The 10th International Conference on Nightlife, substance use
and related health issues.


Club Health 2017 will be held in Dublin, Ireland – a vibrant and exciting international nightlife destination.

This event will bring together experts from a wide range of fields to exchange information on the latest research, policy and practice on protecting and promoting health in nightlife settings.

The conference aims to build capacity and capability among all groups that have a stake in healthy nightlife – including the government agencies and local authorities that regulate it; the police, councils, transport providers, public health professionals, medical and nursing practitioners and others that manage it; the club owners, festival organisers and promoters that make it happen; the citizens and businesses affected by it and the consumers without whom it would not exist.

Download the programme here.

Download the final book of abstracts here.

key issues

Above: a photo of Dublin nightlife by Gian Luca Ponti on Flickr.

Some of the key issues being addressed.

  • Managing the night time economy – tensions and opportunities
  • New psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Forensic testing, ‘pill testing and early warning systems’
  • Preventing violence
  • Risk taking sexual behaviours
  • Emergency medicine
  • Social exclusion – night time without money

Invited Speakers

Fiona Measham of the School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University and The Loop, UK.

Fiona is a Professor of Criminology at Durham University. She has conducted research for over 25 years exploring changing trends in drugs; the nighttime economy and…

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João Matias of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs
and Drug Addiction

João is an epidemiologist, graduated from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). In 2004, he joined the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction as a scientific agent in the Prevalence, data management and…

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Fiona Lyons of the GUIDE clinic, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Fiona Lyons is a consultant in Genitourinary/HIV Medicine at the GUIDE clinic, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin. She is also the current Clinical Lead in Sexual Health, working with the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme on implementation of Ireland’s first national Sexual Health Strategy.

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Chris Luke of Cork University Hospital and the Mercy University Hospital Cork, Ireland

Chris is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Cork University Hospital and the Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Ireland. Chris’s special interests include improving the organisation of emergency healthcare and medical education; public health policy; and the healthcare implications of modern urban life

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Micheal Livingston of
Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, Australia

Dr Michael Livingston is an epidemiologist and public health researcher working at the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research at La Trobe University, Melbourne. His work explores the effectiveness of policies to reduce alcohol-related harm in Australia and the measurement of alcohol consumption and related problems.

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Tibor Brunt of Trimbos Institute, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction, Netherlands

Tibor Brunt is a PhD in psychopharmacology and behavioural sciences and works as principal investigator at the department of Drug Monitoring of the Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction. He belongs to the senior research staff of the Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) project.

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The Global Drug Survey Team of Adam R. Winstock, Larissa J. Maier, Monica J. Barratt and Jason A. Ferris

Global Drug Survey (GDS) runs the world’s biggest drug survey, which is available in 10 languages. In 2011, GDS was founded by Adam R. Winstock aiming to access hidden, sentinel drug using populations.

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Judith Noijen of Jellinek Prevention, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Judith Noijen is a senior staff member of the prevention department of Jellinek in Amsterdam. Jellinek Prevention responds to developments in the field of alcohol and drug related issues, education, policy and research. Judith’s focus has been on promoting the role of health and education in preventing nightlife related risks.

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Antonia Abbey of Wayne State University, USA

Antonia Abbey, Ph.D. is a professor of Psychology at Wayne State University and a Board of Governors Distinguished Faculty Fellow. She received her doctoral degree in social psychology from Northwestern University and has a long-standing research interest in in women’s health, substance use, and reducing violence against women.

She has published more than 100 empirical articles, review papers, and chapters, with a focus in recent years on alcohol’s role in sexual aggression.

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Philip Kolvin QC of Cornerstone Barristers, Chair of Night Time Commission for London, UK

Philip is the Head of Cornerstone Barristers and a leading specialist in the field of licensing, working across the spectrum of regulatory control including alcohol, entertainment, sports, gambling, transportation and adult entertainment. His clients include national and local regulators, police, the industry from national chains to independent operators, and also community and campaign groups, including representing the internationally famous dance venue Fabric Nightclub.

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Ken Pennington of St Andrew’s University, Scotland, UK

Ken holds a master’s degree in Terrorism Studies with St Andrews University. He has lectured on terrorism in Nigeria for the UK Department of Foreign Investment and Development and for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Poland and Spain.

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Dr Sarah Morton of the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice in University College Dublin.

Sarah is Director of the Community Partnership Drugs Programme and holds a Ph.D from the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, University of Bath. Dr Morton has extensive experience in policy, practice and outcome evaluation in relation to addressing complex social issues including drug and alcohol use.

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