The 10th International Conference on Nightlife, substance abuse
and related health issues.


Club Health 2017 will be held in Dublin, Ireland – a vibrant and exciting international nightlife destination.

This event will bring together experts from a wide range of fields to exchange information on the latest research, policy and practice on protecting and promoting health in nightlife settings.

The conference aims to build capacity and capability among all groups that have a stake in healthy nightlife – including the government agencies and local authorities that regulate it; the police, councils, transport providers, public health professionals, medical and nursing practitioners and others that manage it; the club owners, festival organisers and promoters that make it happen; the citizens and businesses affected by it and the consumers without whom it would not exist.

Some of the key issues being addressed:

  • Managing the night time economy – tensions and opportunities
  • New psychoactive substances (NPS)
  • Forensic testing, ‘pill testing and early warning systems’
  • Preventing violence
  • Risk taking sexual behaviours
  • Emergency medicine
  • Social exclusion – night time without money

invited speakers

Fiona Measham of the School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham University and The Loop, UK.

Fiona is a Professor of Criminology at Durham University. She has conducted research for over 25 years exploring changing trends in drugs; the nighttime economy and…

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David Caldicott of the Calvary Hospital, Canberra and Faculty of Medicine, Australian National University, Australia.

David is an Irish Emergency Consultant at the Emergency Department of the Calvary Hospital, Canberra, and a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at the Australian National University. He has been a lifelong advocate for a harm minimization approach to drug use, evidence-based drugs policy, and public engagement with the scientific process….

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Submission Process

The abstract submission period will open on Monday 26 September 2016 and close Friday 13 January 2017.

People who submit an abstract will be notified about whether their abstract has been accepted by Wednesday 1 February 2017.

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